New Burnin Rubber 4 game

Win races to earn money and buy parts and new cars in Burnin Rubber 4.

Burnin Rubber 4

The object of Burnin Rubber 4 is to rack up as much money as possible by winning races and collecting bonuses within the race. Throughout the races you'll find items scattered on the race track that can upgrade your car and improve your racing abilities. You'll also notice ramps and lightning bolts. Racing through a lightning bolt will make your car go faster for a short period of time.

In the main menu you have the option of choosing from several different continent, and each continent has a few race tracks of it's own. You'll start out with the ability to choose one car, but as you progress through the game, you can purchase body kits and new cars. By the time you reach the final levels you'll have a tremendous arsenal of cars and upgrades to choose from. At the end of each race your total cash prize will be calculated. If you can manage to finish the race quickly then you'll receive a cash bonus. After the race you'll be taken back to the challenge selection screen where you can view the new items and challenges you've unlocked, as well as your high score located at the bottom. Burnin Rubber 4 has more challenges than any other flash racing game online.

Before each challenge you can view the objectives at the bottom of the challenge selection screen. You'll also notice a bonus objective as well. If you can complete this bonus objective then you'll receive some sort of prize. To do your best at Burning Rubber 4 you'll need to play dirty and collect as many upgrades as you can. Don't worry about your car getting damaged, as you can have it repaired during a race by driving through the green tool icon. Make sure you're looking for these icons though, as your car will become slower if it is too damaged. This racing game is sure to provide racing fans with hours of enjoyment.